For students to participate in r2m contest

Contest Overview

People of all ages are at significant risk on roads. Road/Traffic safety e-learning course plays an important role in shaping the attitudes and behaviours of the people ensuring they become responsible drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists etc.


“Respect the Road. Don’t Drink & Drive”

Following slogans on road safety can help to make people aware & motivate about the road safety as well as encourage them to follow the road safety measures.

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GIF Animation

Road Safety animation & motion graphics (GIF) can do what live action cannot. It is more educative, visually effective and very easy to understand. Road Safety message can be explained very in simplified manner. 

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Actions speak louder than words. Posters are more educative & visually effective to understand road safety in simplified manner. Put your concepts into canvas and post it.

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Interactive Quiz

Find out how much you know about the Road Safety. Test  and upgrade your skills and knowledge.

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For college to participate in r2m contest

Event Schedule


Gate Opens: 4th Feb 2019.
Gate Closed: 11th Feb 2019.
Winners will be announced on: 15th Feb2019.
Write Your Road Safety Slogan Here within 500 characters.

GIF Animation

Gate Opens: 4th Feb 2019. Gate Closed: 11th Feb 2019. Winners will be announced on: 15th Feb2019. Put your animated Road Safety GIF here: (Dimensions: 1349X400 pixels. Max. Size: 3 MB)


Canvas Opens: 4th Feb 2019.
Canvas Closed: 11th Feb 2019.
Winners will be announced on: 15th Feb 2019.
Put your animated Road Safety GIF here:
Make Road Safety Poster on Paper. Take Photograph. Upload Poster image in JPEG/PNG format.
Max. Size: 3 MB.

Interactive Quiz

Quiz Contest: Gate Opens: 4th Feb 2019.
Gate Closed: 11th Feb 2019.
Winners will be announced on: 15th Feb2019.
Take your interactive and video based quiz here:

Student Prizes

Student Free Elearning


Student Achievement Certificate


Student Internship@ CLIDE



For students to participate in r2m contest

Sample Certificate


In the competitive world, developing strategy for reducing accident has become challenging job as the workforce is of diverse background. To standout in your professional career participate in R2M and win  Road Safety E-learning course which used overview about risk reduction strategy.


Differentiating your presence as academic institute has become a challenging job in digitalized world.

Participate in R2M Event with CLIDE under Industry Institute Collaboration and  offer industry exposure to students.

For college to participate in r2m contest

Road Safety E-Learning

Hi, I’m Sourabh Jambhulkar, and I’d like to welcome you to this course on Road Safety. Road traffic continues to represent a major development issue, a serious public health issue, an economic issue and a social (equity) issue. Road traffic safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured. This course will give you an introduction to the 5 major hazards while driving on road. We’ll start by seeing the incident videos related to driving hazards along with the risk level and the serious consequences. Next, we’ll understand the root causes of the incident and how to develop a risk reduction strategy. 

Then we’ll move on to working with some of the incident scenarios by getting hands-on experience to reduce risk in various ways to avoid accidents while driving. Finally, we’ll wrap up by taking advantage of the resources offered in the course like an online book, open discussion forum, webinars and project submission. In the end, we will have an exam which will help you get the “Road Safety Certificate“.  

Course Objective Road Safety module  is designed for understanding the driving hazards and the control measure required to reduce the risk of being killed.

You have 5 achievable goals to win a certificate on “Road Safety Module”

SMART Goals on Road Safety

  1. Distraction while Driving
  2. Impact of Speed
  3. Reckless Behaviour
  4. Jump the Signal (Near Miss)
  5. Texting Hazard
Duration3 Hrs 25 Min
Course Offerings:
  • 05 – Road Incident Videos
  • 05 – Hazards & 20 Control Measure
  • 01 – Road Safety Training Manual
  • 01 – Project Assignment
  • 05 – Road Safety Webinar
  • 10 – Discussion Forum

Key Concept Discussed – 

  • 5 major hazards while driving on road and their risk level involved. 
  • Secondly applying the right control measure as per “Hierarchy of Control” to reduce the risk to as low as reasonably practicable level (ALARP).
Training Methodology:

The course is designed based on two unique methodologies which will help the learner understand the key concept. 

Methodology – 

  1. Incident-Based Learning
  2. Risk-Based Learning
Prerequisite:As a learner, there is no prerequisite for this course.
Related Courses:
  • Defensive DrivingCourse
  • Behaviour Safety Course

For students to participate in r2m contest

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