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E-CLIDE offers engaging e-learning courses on safety, fire, health & environment for corporate, student & colleges.

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E-CLIDE Learning Methodology



Microlearning is more than simply bite-sized training assets. Microlearning is focused and offers just the right amount of information necessary to help a learner achieve a specific, actionable objective.


Incident-based Learning

Short incident videos are created as part of the learning process for the learner to understand the risk and to analyze what went wrong in simulation and gamification form.

Risk Based Learning

User learns the concept of the risk level estimation by applying the control measure based hierarchy of control to reduce the risk level in simulation and gamification form.

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E-CLIDE Unique Offerings


Each course we offer has a personal mentor and user can directly contact the mentor for understanding the concept and difficulty if any.

Blended Approach

Courses we have developed are offered on blended technique i.e. online classes with mentor and e-learning for better engagement.

Mobile Learning

With our amazing learning apps learning can happen on mobile, desktop, TV and tablets with easy navigation features.

Offline Mode

Course once downloaded can be taken in the offline mode i.e. without internet and sync back anytime anywhere for saving data usage.

Safety E-learning Courses

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