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E-Learning Survey

At e-CLIDE we always looking for ways to advance e-learning and move up in our offerings. For us it’s not just idle marketing talk, but a real passion. It’s not surprising, then, that we have been actively researching on e-learning, which we believe have the potential to change how we learn and maximize learner engagement, when done properly.

To help further our understanding of offerings, as related to e-learning, we are conducting an extended survey on our offerings. We will share a summarized version of its results with the e-learning community soon. Thanks for your valuable inputs.

Yours in e-clide
The CLIDE EduSafe Team
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CLIDEo

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Q1. Forum

Do you think discussion forum should be part of e-learning offering?


Q2. Social App

Do you think social app help learner improve his understanding by discuss about learning objectives with other online learners?


Q3. Case Scenario

Do you think live case scenarios from organization should be used for designing e-learning?


Q4. Decision Making

Do you think decision making interactivity and gamification, help learner understand the learning objective better?


Q5. Customization

Do you think customizing e-learning for organization help improve learner understanding about the topic?


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