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The Contractor Passport from e-CLIDE – Online training and tracking to ensure that all contractors, or any visitors to your business, fully understand the safety requirements.

The Safety Passport can have contractors ready to work on site from the minute they arrive, as they have the option to complete their Safety training before they come to work.

The Safety Passport enables companies to take advantage of a safety solution especially designed to meet the requirements of contracted workers, mitigating against accidents in the workplace and potentially costly compensation claims.

What is Contractor Passport?

It’s simple:

  • The contractor are trained online
  • The contractor prints their Safety Passport
  • The contractor brings the Safety Passport on site with them

The Safety Passport is a document that a company can provide to contracted workers that proves they have taken all necessary Safety training before they come on site. As well as saving the company the time that it would otherwise devote to on site training, the Safety Passport ensures that newly contracted workers carry a valid certified document demonstrating they have passed an online training course specifically designed for their role. The Safety Passport should be considered a most practical, cost-effective and efficient method of getting new contractors up to speed with Safety training, so that they can get on with the work they were hired to do, as soon as possible.

How does it work?

Contractors are asked to complete an online Safety training course, or series of courses, specifically designed with the needs of contracted workers in mind. This can be done before they arrive for their first day at work. All that is required to complete the course is a computer and an internet connection. The course content can be edited and fully customized so that you can add any specific information, details or safety advice that is relevant to the particular role or working environment of the contracted worker. The e-CLIDE Learning Management System also enables you to track the training records of the contracted workers and in the event of an accident, you will have the evidence readily available that they were fully trained for the Safety required to come on site.

Benefits to your Organization

  • Contractors can complete the Safety training before commencing their contract. This can potentially save the company a lot of time, money and effort as they don’t have to devote resources to training up contracted workers on site. In the case of a company who operates across multiple sites, the advantages of the Contractor Passport carry an even greater impact as more resources would otherwise have been allocated to traditional training methods. Furthermore, if a company hires 700 workers and those 700 workers complete a 55 minute course before they arrive on site, then the company has saved a total of 700*55minutes = 385 work hours simply by committing to the Safety Passport process.
  • The accessibility of the training content is such that a computer, internet connection, printer and the time taken to complete the course, are all that is needed to get a contracted worker trained up and safety compliant. The Safety Passport takes the burden of providing safety training out of a company’s hands, meaning contracted workers can immediately focus their time and energy on doing the job they were hired for.
  • Employers have a detailed audit trail of the contractors’ training record, providing an added safety buffer against potential accidents in the workplace and thus significantly reducing the likelihood of potentially damaging companies brand.
  • The online Safety training for contractors and the Safety Passport itself can be customized according to the needs and demands of the individual business involved. If your company wishes to highlight particular aspects of Safety that are unique to your business, or if your company wants to add, remove or edit personal details or contract details from the Safety Passport, then all that can be arranged in advance in consultation with our support team.

Contractor Passports can be printed from the comfort of the contractor’s home and merely attached to work credentials when the contractor begins work – the ease of provision of the safety passports cuts down greatly on bureaucratic delays.

The standard duration of the Safety Passport is 12 months (although it can be altered), offering safety certified coverage of the contractor for that period of time until it is recommended that they retrain, and the Safety Passport can be extended by a further 12 months if necessary.

For further information on The Safety Passport and how to get your contracted workers using it as soon as possible, please contact our consultant here at CLIDE who will be delighted to talk you through it and answer any further questions or queries you have – enquiry@e-clide.com

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