CLIDE e-Learning Tool enabling the rapid design, build and implementation of e-Learning courses.

CLIDE Subject Matter Expert removes the inevitable compromises made when buying off-the-shelf e-Learning Solutions. Courses can exactly reflect your business methods, policies and procedures, offering employees a completely relevant learning experience. Interactive learning content can be produced at a fraction of the cost usually associated with bespoke e-Learning development.

Courses created using CLIDE tool are SCORM compliant, meaning they can be centrally managed from your e-CLIDE LMS – the powerful Learning Management System (LMS), or an existing LMS or Training Portal of your own. Whichever method of delivery you choose, your organization will still benefit from all the advantages an e-Learning solution provides.

With CLIDE you can:

  • Create courses on any subject
  • Refresh and update existing training content
  • Publish organizational policies and procedures and verify acknowledgement
  • Standardize the training process across your entire workforce
  • Include tests and quizzes to enhance knowledge retention
  • Produce certificates to demonstrate success
  • Track courses progress of learner using e-CLIDE LMS
  • Train hundreds or thousands of employees at the same time
  • Download Report in excel sheet format for progress

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