Certifying and retraining your workforce in e-clide LMS !

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Training a workforce and certifying that training is a serious business, especially when you are doing compliance training that needs to be constantly kept up to date.If you work in this field you are likely to be familiar with the struggle to train your employees and keep doing it to reduce accident.

Accidents can occur to anybody at anytime. We are all at risk no matter what working environment we are placed in, whether you’re on a construction site, sitting comfortably in an office or childminding, there is always going to hazards which could potentially lead to an accident if we aren’t careful. However a significant number of employees have little indication or even completely disregard health and safety procedures which help reduce the risk of an accident at work.

Last year 170,500 accident were reported only due to driving which include near miss, first aid, minor injury and fatal. As company car drivers cover more miles than private motorists in general, the fleet proportion of risk is greater. If an accident does happen, costs can mount quickly in terms of lost working hours, replacement car costs and increases in insurance premiums.  

It is know fact that accidents can be reduce by training drivers, but to do so it is difficult as it requires classroom training, certified trainer and motivation to attend training to keep drivers updated.

e-clide LMS include features to ease the process of training, certifying and retraining your employees directly in the LMS. CLIDE e-learning courses are designed in e-clide LMS which covers one or all merits as mentioned below

  • principles of the safety management system and the employees’ responsibilities
  • specific hazards and risks at work
  • the skills needed to carry out tasks
  • procedures that should be followed to avoid any risk
  • preventive measures to be taken before, during, and after the task
  • specific safety and health instructions for working with technical equipment and dangerous products
  • information on collective and individual protection
  • where employees can get information on safety and health issues
  • who should be contacted about emerging risks or in case of emergency.

Explore the Certification feature in our free 14 days trial version. Register or Login in your www.e-clide.com account now!

If intrested in LMS / e-learning courses drop us an email on training@e-clide.com and we will create your 14 days free trail account. Experience the difference in accident reduction through e-learning !!

The CLIDE EduSafe Team

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